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Shihan Mohan Hira(Johannesburg)

Sensei Alfred Sphiwe Mofokeng (Durban)

Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi ( Milpitas, CA)

Sensei Bongie Ndwandwe

Instructor (5th Dan Black Belt)

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Sensei Bongie Ndwandwe. 5th Dan Black Belt, Instructor started karate on January, 1984 with Inanda Shotokan Karate under Sensei Alfred Mofokeng, who was then under the J K A style, moved down to Gauteng and joined JKA, with Sensei Hanley Makiti who was under Shihan Stan Smith, later joined Sensei S Magasela and now Bongie is with Shihan Mohan Hira Sensei Bongie Ndwandwe is one of the SA’s most prominent and exciting Shoto- kan Karate instructors. For nearly three decades he has both trained under and taught alongside many of the world’s finest instructors in both traditional and sports Karate.

Above all, he is very proud to be one of the final senior students produced by the legendary Sensei Alfred Mofokeng. Besides his own training, Sensei Bongie currently teaches throughout the week at his Bongie Shotokan Karate dojo (Dube Community Center) and as a guest all over the Gauteng. A professional instructor, Bongie has coached many of his own students to numerous competition and grading merits. He has produced numerous Dan grades, national champions and international competitors who have competed up to World Championship standard. He has also had the honor of teaching classes and coaching squad training sessions at Pune, Goa- India and Italy clubs. As a competitor, Bongie is involved in tournament karate for 34 years, with 8 of those spent as a full Funakoshi Shotokan South Africa International. During this period he represented his country at 20 major international champion- ships, amongst them 2 JKA World Championship, a 5 FSKA World Championship and 8 FSKA International Championship.

With over 200 competition honors to his name attained at both domestic and international level, Bongie still competing
and still going strong at the age of 41. Bongie has stated in numerous inter- views that the highlight of his competition career was winning the JKA World championship for Hanley Makiti Sensei’s dojo in 2008. Bongie has five times made the long journey over to India for training and international competition. In 2012, he spent an extended period training daily with Shihan Mohan Hira. In his time practicing Shotokan Karate, Bongie has trained with many Japanese sensei from the ‘golden era’ to present day. And many South African Sensei’s, among them Sensei Soon,

Eric, Paul, Alfred, Don, Edwin, Sydney, Ishmael, Dawood and many more. To this day, Bongie continues to practice and study martial arts daily with his students. Over the years it has become Bongie’s objectives to contribute to the advancement of Shotokan Karate by adding his own personal knowledge of contemporary coaching methods to the already thorough teachings of Sensei’s Alfred Mofokeng and Shihan Mohan Hira.

Sensei Ernest Sibeko

Instructor (3rd Dan Black Belt)

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Instructor Sensei Ernest Sibeko (3rd Dan Black Belt) Sensei Ernest Sibeko grew up in Tembisa. Started karate early 90’s. Trained under different styles because of there was no enough qualified instructors that time. Sensei Ernest did not allow that to pull him down, he continued with karate because of his passion and the love of sport.

He relocated to Soweto where he joined Sensei Edwin who was training with JKA. Later the club closed due to some circumstances. Sensei Ernest and Sempai Xolani met with Sensei Bongie and they open a karate club and named the club Dube Young Blood Shotokan Karate. Sensei Bongie introduced Sensei Ernest to different dojos/Club. Sensei Ernest trained so hard and achieved a Black belt through Sensei Bongie under Shihan Mohan Hira.

Sensei Ernest competed in so many tournaments and collected so many medals and trophies. Sensei Ernest runs the Bongie Shotokan Karate Club on a daily basis and he is a qualified instructor.


Name and Surname Points
Thando Ndwandwe 86
Ntando Hlongwane 67
Yonela Ndwandwe 45
Fulela Banele Mjali 44
Mduduzi Jiyane 32
Banele Ndwandwe 30
Kgomotso Madonsela 26
Bongie Ndwandwe 18
Tebogo Malaza 12
Tom Montshiwa 12

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Sensei Elvis Sikhosana
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Dube Dojo

Bongie Shotokan Karate
Dube Community Hall
Dube Township
Mondays to Thursdays – 6H00 PM to 7H30 PM


Sensei Bongie Ndwandwe – 065 962 2150
Sensei Ernest Sibeko – 076 844 8804
Sensei Jabu Zwane – 083 767 2165
Sensei Elvis Sikhosana – 072 369 0429

Chiawelo Dojo

Bongie Shotokan Karate
Chiawelo Community Hall
671 Tshianda Street
Chiawelo Ext 3
Mondays to Thursdays – 6H00 PM to 7H30 PM


Sensei Bongie Ndwandwe – 065 962 21507
Kohai Nobuhle Vundla – 073 751 7681

Protea Glen Dojo

Silo Shotokan Karate
22361 Cnr Mulberry & Cinnamon Crescent
Protea Glen Ext 22
Mondays to Thursdays – 6H00 PM to 7H30 PM


Sensei Mduduzi Jiyane – 067 851 8123
Kohai Nobuhle Vundla – 073 751 7681